Mosel Hike
Day 4: Zell to Traben-Trarbach

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6/27/02, 9:50 a.m. at overlook above Zell. Very nice spot with picnic tables, shelter, even a swing set. Wonderful view of Zell (to the right) and Briedel (to the left) with the town of Barl in the middle up on a bluff surrounded on 3 sides by vineyards leading down to the Mosel. Would be a great spot to camp (although not permitted). This morning from Zell, the trail quickly started going up and continued that way for about 90 minutes, first through vineyards and then through forest.

Zell from trail - Overlook above Barl - Evergreens on trail

12:15p.m., on a bench overlooking the town of Enkirch. Nice trail to here from the Mosel overlook, mostly through forest, with evergreens for the first time since Koblenz. The town of Enkirch is quite attractive, with a number of old houses and narrow streets, especially up around the church. Historically, Enkirch has played a major role in the Mosel wine trade. There are restaurants and grocery stores and quite a few places to stay. It was just before noon when I came through and kindergarten was just letting out. Made me wonder rather the kids realize how idyllic their surroundings are.

Enkirch views and bottles in vineyard

Panorama from Mosel Overlook
(in QuickTime VR - requires QuickTime plug-in)

6:30 p.m., Traben-Trarbach. Got here at 2:30. Went to the Information office for the city and got a hotel list. Picked the least expensive hotel in the area, Hotel Central (30E). The town is fairly large and not quite as touristy as Zell or Cochem. The trail here from Enkirch, up along the hills east of the Mosel (the Hunsrück side) is what I think of as a typical German trail, wide, well groomed paths for the most part, with a great many benches and overlooks. There were also several shelters along the way. Of course the key to finding trails like this are to look for long distance trails (like the Moselhöhenweg I'm following) which follow popular local trails -- they tend to be ones with nice scenery and be well maintained. Ate in a restaurant tonight so I could get some vegetables. I've been eating in the evening mostly at Schnellimbiß places having Currywurst with fries. For lunch I've been eating the crackers and breakfast bars I brought along. What I wish I'd brought along is a sleeping mat, summer bag + maybe a tent. I think I could probably be camping out every other night.

Trail from Enkirch - Traben views

Total distance today: 19 km

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