Mosel Hike
Day 3: Treis to Zell

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6/26/02, 9:30, at a Mosel overlook across from the town of Ernst. Nice view from here of the very windy Mosel, from Cochem to Beilstein. The trail this morning initially was all uphill for the first hour, mostly through forest but also including some stretches on roads. Yesterday and the day before I was on the left bank of the Mosel (seen from the flow of the Mosel, from France to Germany), today and tomorrow on the right bank. The Mosel is so windy that it's not possible to speak of a north, south, east, or west side. The Moselhöhenweg has trails on each side, on the left marked with a black M and with a green M on this side. This side is part of the Hunsrück mountain range while the other side is the Eifel. Trails on both sides are marked very well with quite a few secondary and local trail, signposted as well. Saw my first animal today, a fox.

Looking back at Treis - Ernst from overlook - Trail views

Panorama from Mosel Overlook
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1:10 p.m., Cochem. Sitting in a bar waiting for the semi-final of Brazil against Turkey. I got here around 12:30. Last 90 minutes was a beautiful stretch along vineyards above the river, in some cases the trail went right through the vineyards. Pretty warm today, supposed to get up to 27 C. At 3:00 I'm taking a boat to Zell.

Cochem: Mosel - Burg - City Gate - Market Square

7:50p.m., Zell. Got here at 6:00 on the boat. Had to try 5 different hotels before finding a place (Weinhaus Heinrich Mayer, expensive at 42 E) Yesterday had to try 2 places. Both pretty touristy, especially Zell. Full of Dutch vacationers. In Cochem quite a few US and English tourists. One of the problems for me is needing a single room-not all hotels have them.

Zell: From Mosel - Main Street

Total distance today: 28 km (16 hiking and 12 on the ship)

Mosel Hike - Bob Godwin-Jones
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