Black Forest Hike
Day 9: Mossbronn to Karlsruhe (Ettlingen)

7/2/98. On a bench in the woods just past Schluttenbach. We stopped in Schluttenbach and bought a bottle of Limo at a restaurant. Now we're having lunch with rolls from breakfast. Jar of peanut butter is almost gone. We started off this morning from Mossbronn climbing the Mahlberg (nice view from tower), then headed off for Ettlingen/Karlsruhe.

Limo - Mahlberg Shelter - View of Freiolsheim from Mahlberg - Trail

We made good time, arrived in Ettlingen at 1:00. Total today: 18 km. It's a shame that we're ending our hike today; it's hardly any effort now to go 4 km/hour. At the beginning we were struggling to make 3 km/hour and also were taking frequent breaks. I still have blisters but they don't hurt much. The big difference is in our legs and lungs, especially noticeable going uphill, no longer nearly the effort it was at the beginning. Yesterday and today we had steep uphills that still took a lot of effort to get up but we weren't dead at the top, as was the case earlier in the hike.

Karlsruhe zoo (first place we visited in 1987/88)

The weather is great today, sunny but wilh a nice breeze. We've had good luck with the weather; it only rained 2 days and then just off and on, mostly it's been overcast. Temperatures have been moderate-from 10 C. (night on Badener Hoehe) to 34 C. (first day on Feldberg).

Europe, 1998 - Gee-Jays - Bob Godwin-Jones