Black Forest Hike
Day 6: Hausach (Zuflucht) to Mummelsee

6/29/98. Freudenstadt. On the bus (5 DM) to Zuflucht, where we'll rejoin the trail. Plan on 18 km today. We took the train (9 DM) at 7:30 from Hausach to catch the bus here. We're skipping the trail from Hausach to Zuflucht so that we can stay on schedule. I hadn't built in the camp day we spent in Hausach, but in future hikes really need to plan for doing that. Yesterday I was so sore that I can only walk in baby steps; it was wonderful to just sit around in the hotel room.

12:30. Schliffkopf. Stopped here for lunch. Beautiful wide view of valleys and mountains in all directions. This area was cleared for agricultural use, but not longer is cultivated. But the area is still kept clear (saplings removed) so that there is quite a spectacular view in all directions.

On Schliffkopf (view of Feldberg)
A lot of the path today parallels the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. We've seen our first evidence today of "Waldsterben", dead trees, caused by excessive carbon emissions. But still beautiful bird songs (20 seconds).

Trail and Schwarzwaldhochstraße - Dead trees (Waldsterben) - Valley view

7:3O. Mummelsee hotel (75 DM) . Arrived here at 4:30. We were going to stay at a Hütte (shelter) but went by it 3 km back. Total today (adding side trails) : 21 km. This hotel is very nice, but also very touristy. There are several stalls selling souvenirs outside. It's next to a deep, natural lake surrounded by woods on all sides, quite striking. First time we've seen any American tourists.

Mummelsee hotel

Europe, 1998 - Gee-Jays - Bob Godwin-Jones