France, 1998

6/15/98. Dulles Airport, I'm waiting here with Jacob and Molly for our flight to Paris on Air France. Fortunately, the Air France strike was settled just a couple of days ago. We were sweating it for a while. Big thunderstorm outside-wondering if it will delay our flight.


We were delayed, but not by much. We're now on the plane, a 747. Molly is next to me and on the other side is a really fat guy. I wonder if I will be able to sleep, since he's taking half my seat!

On the way

Y0 Homie WUZ up? Word up to your Mother. Shou
Parlez V0US françias? Il est quelle heure? Je vais manger maintenant, et je vais dormir aussi.

Polly vuu laey mouaeioo diaiy saouciey?

6/16/98. On the train to Paris from Charles de Gaulle airport. Good flight-Molly and I slept the whole way (except for eating dinner). Jacob watched the movie: Blues Brothers 2000. Smooth transition at the airport. After getting our "Paris-Visite" passes for Paris transportation, we got right on the train to Paris (RER B).

At the hotel (Hotel Grand Prieuré). Waiting for our room to be ready. No problem getting here. Changed at the Gare du nord for line 5 (Place d'Italie), got off at Oberkampf, short walk to hotel. After getting the room, we'll go find something to eat. Molly is "dying to hungry" (Emma's expression) as usual.

Metro to Paris - Hotel

We ended up going to McDonald's at Place de la République, because it was fast and cheap (60FF for the 3 of us). Afterwards, we took the Métro to Notre Dame. The kids were impressed by the size and by the stained-class windows.

McDonald's (Place de la République) - Notre Dame

We had intended to visit the Louvre, but it was closed, as it was Tuesday. So we took a stroll down the Champs-Elysées instead, Made it all the way to the Arc de Triomphe.

Louvre - Champs-Elysées - Arc de Triomphe

Afterwards, we went to the Latin Quarter and walked around. Molly had wanted to go to the Deux Magots Cafe, but we couldn't find it. Decided to buy "pains au chocolat" for dinner. Went back to the hotel to eat and watch the World Cup.


yo homie. It's me again shou. We're on a boat now. The wind is making me COLD!!!Word up to your mother. Tchou! Molly P.S. I forgot to ask you, are you a homie or a gansta?

We went on the Eiffel Tower sheoauwl. 563 jours avant l'an 2000 (or something like that).

Eiffel Tower - 'Batobus'

Sacré Coeur. Looking out over Paris on a beautiful day. This morning did the Eiffel Tower (surprisingy, not very crowded), then took a boat on the Seine to the musée d'Orsay.

View from Musée d'Orsay - On the way to Sacré Coeure - Sacré Coeur - View from Sacré Coeur

Great impressionist collection at the Orsay. Kids were surprised to see Whistler's Mother. Crossed over the Seine to the Louvre, but the line was huge so kept going to the Opera.

Van Gogh - Renoir - Mr. Bean's lecture subject - Opera

Got a sandwich and some crepes and ate them on the stairs of the Opera. Then off to the Galaries Lafayette. Bought umbrellas (anticipating typical German summer weather), postcards, extension cord and key ring. From there métro and faniculaire to Sacré Coeur. At a small café near our hotel. Having beer and coke. Feels good to sit down after walking all over Paris.

Galeries Lafayette - Cafe with Pierre

yo h0Mie it Is Me agian. Someone Wants to talk to you.

hi! It Is Pierre! Wuz up?.N. M H. WOW!

Molly: Pierre doesn't Want to write anymore., AU REVOIR SHOU!!!

It's time to ride on the...BAT(O)BUS!!! Hey, Peehere you better watchnyour back!

Yeah, I'm gunna get you punk....

On top of the Arc de Triomphe. It's 10:30 in the evening and not yet totally dark. We're waiting to see Paris lit up. The Eiffel Tower is lit already and looks great.

Arc de triomphe panorama
(in QuickTime VR - requires QuickTime plug-in)

6/18/98. On the T6V to Bordeaux to drop off Molly at Sue's house. We're in first class even though Molly has a 2nd class ticket-the conductor didn't seem to care.

6/19/98. Gare de l'est, Paris. We're waiting here for our 4th train of the day. Left Mont de Marsant at 6:24 this morning, changed at Morcenx and again at Bordeaux. This train will take us as far as Strasbourg, then we'll take 2 more trains to get us to Freiburg. Molly seemed to get along fine with Lucia. She was going to go to school with her today and also all of next week.

Europe, 1998 - Gee-Jays - Bob Godwin-Jones