September, 1998

Henricus Park Publick Day

Emma: on Molly, on socceer field, on deck with thrumbstick

Sunday before church

Bear Creek Lake State Park

Sitting here by the lake. We just went swimming, even Luke finally got wet. This is our second day here; arrived last night and were almost the only ones here. It rained in the night but today is beautiful sunny and breezy. This morning we went on a short hike, then ate lunch at the concession stand.

Next week - back to school time. The kids are actually ready to go back.

9/5, At the Macdonald's near Powhatan. Beth, Jacob and Emma joined at at the park this morning. We went on a hike, then went to the lake. Unfortunately, Beth slipped coming back from changing and sprained her ankle. Jacob had to drive her car home.

Bear Creek Lake State Park

Camping at Bear Lake State Park with Luke and Molly

School starting: 11th, 8th, 7th, 2nd grades

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