May, 1997

May 14 - Wednesday

Just dropped Emma off at Maria's house for her mom to take her, Emma and Maria in to Tuckahoe Montessori School. Emma got a little scared when she got to Maria's house because Shiba came out and ran at her and barked real loud. Maria's mom scolded Shiba.

On the way Emma read to me "The Squire's Square Deal", which is the last of the 8-page books she will be reading this year, since school will be out for her the end of next week. That will also be the end of her 4 years at Montessori School since she starts first grade next year at Baker. I will miss having her read those nice books to me, but I hope she will keep reading other books over the summer. Luke and Molly both read those Montessori books too and now they are both very good readers.

May 16 - Friday

Luke and I are on the 5th grade field trip to Washington. We almost missed the bus because the electricity went off during he night. We got up at 6:00 and had only 15 minutes to get to Baker.

We have 4 in our group - Luke, Willie, Daryl and Mike. We went first to the Ford Theater, where Lincoln was shot. Then we walked to the National Archives and saw the originals of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Afterwards we had lunch on the mall.

Luke and I got back at 5:00. Jacob was there and so was Molly, since her track practice was cancelled. Beth and Emma got home at 5:30. Then we went swimming at the Y. Emma did real well and swam a long ways. Then we went to Carini's for supper. we got two medium pizzas instead of one large-Jacob had 4 pieces! When we got home, we watched the season finale of Sabrina. Sabrina almost had to marry a troll!

May 17 - Saturday

Emma had a Soccer game at 8:00 and she wag gaalie for a quarter. She stopped a ball from going in, but then somebody from her own team kicked it in! Her team lost 3 to 2. Luke had 2 game; one at 9 and the other at 11:00. In the first game Luke scored the winning goal! He dribbled all the way down the field through defenders to score.

May 18 - Sunday

We had a busy Sunday. We went to Sunday School and Church. In Sunday School we finished reading th Book of Judges. It was Pentecost and Jacob and Molly were ushers at Church. We sang "We are the Church" and Matt Hasmer sang the Lord's Prayer wonderfully. After Church, Molly and Jacob had youth. Beth and I went with Luke and Emma to the Lebanese Food Festival because Sam Harika had given me free tickets for a sit-down dinner. We ate, then Luke and I played basketball while Emma played on the playground. But she hurt her hand on the monkey bars and cried a lot. Afterwards, we drive back to Church and went to the first confirmation class for Molly. Then we went home, changed our clothes and set off flea bombs. We had to stay out of the house for 2 hours so we went to 7-11 and got slurpies, then went to Dorey Park. We went on a hike, then Luke, Jacob and I played tennis while Emma played and Molly used Beth's Palm Pilot to play games. When we got home we cleaned up, then watch "3rd Rock from the Sun" -- it was the season finale and was in 3d -- Beth had picked up free glasses on the way home from Church at Little Ceaser's.

May 19 - Monday

This is Emma's last week at Tuckahoe Montessori School. She is a little sad because she's been going to that school for 4 years. But she is excited about going to Baker next year for first grade. This week on Thursday I'm going on a field trip with Emma to Cheswick Park, then on Friday Emma has her graduation and then we're going camping! Emma is sitting next to me while I am typing this and she says to mention that we are going to take some boats when we go camping so we can sail them on the little stream at Pocahantas Park.

May 20 - Tuesday

We went to Carini's tonight for Emma's soccer party. She got a big trophy. I came a little late since I had to pick up Molly and Courtney from their track meet.

May 21 - Wednesday

Beth had three closings today so I took all the kids this morning. Molly and Luke took the bus, but I drove Jacob over to Highland Springs (for jazz band), then Emma and I had a donut before I dropped her off at Maria's house. Emma and I talked a while about what her first day at Baker would be like. She's excited about being in the first grade next year, but also a little bit nervous.

I came home early and took Jacob and Luke to CompUSA where they bought WartCraft II for the Mac. Then we picked up Emma from JCC, then Molly from track practice. After dinner, Emma, Molly and I went to K-Mart and Ukrop's to do shopping for our camping trip.

May 22 - Thursday

Today I drove in Emma and Maria to Tuckahoe Montessori, then I took them plus Ran and Tancredi to Cheswick Park as part of a school field trip. We had a lot of fun there, but both Ran and Tancredi fell down and got scrapes. Emma helped a lot with Ran.

Since the girls were going to be late getting home, we boys made the chocolate chi cookies we decided we needed for our camping trip. Jacob mixed up the dough and Luke put them on cookie sheets -- they turned out real well.

May 23 - Friday

Emma's last day at Montessori School and out last pre-schooler! This fall for the first time in 15 years we won't have at least one pre-schooler at home. I drove Emma in with Maria and Hannah and we listened to Raffi and "This old man" -- one of Emma's favorite songs.

At 11:00 I went back to Montessori School for Emma's graduation. Ms. Pat cried in handing out certificates to the students -- she was sad to seem them go. It will be the first time in 8 years there hasn't been a Godwin-Jones child going to school there.

I remember quite well when Molly and Luke started going in 1989 and Molly was 4 and Luke 2. Molly helped a lot with Luke. Molly broke her arm falling from the monkey bars one day and another time we had to pick up Luke from Montessori to take him at the emergency room to have a large bean removed from his ear. After Molly left, I remember taking Luke, together with Guy and Toby, and listening to have read the little 8-page reading books on the way in, sometimes stopping outside Toby's house long enough for him to finish reading the last few pages of one of the books. He did so well in learning to read and in working with basic math that he ended up skipping first grade when he went to Baker. The year after Luke left, Emma started at Tuckahoe. She was so shy she didn't speak to Ms. at till the end of the second year -- I remember the day when I picked her up and Ms. Pat was so excited: "She talked to me!". At first Emma went in with Jack Carmichael, then the last two years with Hannah Brooks and Maria Carmichael.

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