May - August, 2011

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Mother's Day

Emma & Beth working - soufflet

Trip to Long Beach (IMS Conference) and Victoria (CALICO)

Chinese hats - garden - deer

Baby showers (3!)

Emma getting ready

June 18: we visit Molly & Mike in D.C. and go on short hike, eat at Thai restaurant
and see Green Lantern (except Beth), little suspecting events of the next day

June 19 (Father's Day): Cayden Alexander Godwin-Jones (aka Buddy)

Cayden and finally getting Father's Day cake, June 21, when Emma 7 Buddy leave hospital

Baby and parents

Buddy with aunt and uncle

With Grandma, Grandpa, Sarah


Visiting Jacob & Yanli (Jan Jose Merlot Conference)

At Science Museum - Botanical Garden

Santa Cruz - Los Gatos Creek Trail (Campbell)

Big Basin Park

Apple fanboy, Little Peanut and Sailor Boy

Drinking champaign, Serenading Buddy

Kids and sunflowers

Front porch

Molly home for babtism


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