Paris, August, 2007

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Day 1 - Arc de Triomphe - Dinner at George V on the Champs Elysées
We arrived on Thursday, August 9, and took the metro to our hotel, the Citéa Charenton, Liberté stop on line 8. After a nap, we took the metro to Etoile, then walked down the Champs Elysées. We stopped and ate at the George V, then walked on to the Arc de Triomphe.

Day 2 - Notre Dame - Sainte Chapelle
On Friday, we took the metro to Châtelet, then walked to Notre Dame, buying a map and guide on the way. When we got to Notre Dame, we couldn't get too close because of the state funeral of the Bishop of Paris. We walked around the island a bit, then crossed over the Seine to the Left Bank, passing the stalls of vendors of books and prints along the way. We walked around looking at the wide variety of restaruants and stopped at FNAC to buy a French sim card (Orange). We ended up eating at a Chinese restaruant that was quite good. Afterwards, Jacob, Yanli and Emma went to visit the Sainte Chapelle, while I checked my email at an Internet cafe. We then went by metro to the Galeries Lafyatte to do some shopping. After we took the metro back to Liberte´, Emma and I walked to Carrefour and did some shopping - it turned out to be a very long walk. We took the Rer & metro back. For dinner we had pizza delivered from Pizza Hut - nobody liked the "Quatre fromages" pizza.

Day 3 - Versailles
On Saturday, Aug. 11, we took the metro and RER out to Versailles and had a very long wait in line to get entrance tickets. Inside Versailles was very crowded, but the gardens were fine. We had lunch at a brasserie in the gardens.

Day 3 - Eiffel Tower
On the way back from Versailles, we stopped off at the Eiffel Tower and had another long wait in line. While we were in line, they close off the top level due to overcrowding, which didn't make Emma too happy, as one of the things she wanted to do most was get to the top of the Tower. Fortunately, after we were on the second level, they opened up the top. For dinner for Jacob's birthday we ate at an Italian place near our hotel.

Day 4 - Louvre - Sacre Coeur
We got up early to be at the Louvre when it opened, which was a good idea as it was not very crowded but by the time we left it was a madhouse. After the Louvre we took the metro to Montmatre and walked around. We ate at an Indian restaurant, then took the funicular up to the Sacre Coeur. For dinner we got KFC at Emma's request.

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